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Thing Again with Airam's Share Purchase Plan

Are you holding onto shares in an illiquid OTC Company?  Have you been watching the share price drop in your stock while not being able to sell any of your shares and realize any gains?  Your Equity is no longer illiquid.


Are you hoping to see more liqiudity in your stock so that you can sell and yet the liquidity continues to be non-existent and your potential gains begin to dwindle away?  Your Equity is no longer illiquid.


Are you wanting to sell your shares but worried that you will affect the overal market strength of your stock?  Don't wait any longer. Airam Capital has a Direct Stock Purchase Program that will work for you.

Airam Capital Share Purchase Program is best for achieving the following:

  • An exit strategy for a larger shareholder without compromising the integrity of the market

  • Exit strategy for shareholders that hold shares in an illiquid company or is thinly traded

  • Exit your position before your thinly held shares become worthless

  • A small capital raise

  • POTENTIAL price appreciation and an increase in trading volume

  • An IR program run at no cost to the company




                                                                                                                            Shareholder                                    Issuer

Exit at a potential premium to market 

Sell your thinly traded shares to Airam Capital and/or Investors

Eliminate negative impact on the market

Market awareness campaign included 

Possible re-investment in the company 

No direct fees or payments made to us


100% share back guarantee 

Participation in potential price appreciation 

Possible pps appreciation/vol increase



As we are working directly with private shareholders, no additional shares are issued and no registration statement is required.


No Fees

There are no payments made to us nor are there any direct fees involved – We make our money on a mild discount only when sales take place at the floor or higher


Sales Floor

We set a sales floor (the lowest level at which we are able to sell our purchased shares) at a premium to market. This floor is a benefit to both the shareholder and the issuer because it establishes the lowest price at which the stock can trade (at least as a result of our activities) and eliminates any possibility that our selling will hurt the market.



Shareholder is aware of all sales, prices etc.



The shareholder receives funds from our direct private purchase transaction.  We provide funds by wire transfer as soon as purchased shares clear our accounts.


Participation in the event of price appreciation

The discount is fixed, the purchase price is not. The selling shareholder receives proceeds of actual trades that take place, at the sales floor or higher.


Short Term Facility

We generally set the term of the share purchase at 10 weeks


Share Back Guarantee

Upon expiration of the term, all unsold shares are returned. The shareholder takes no risk with us, except time.



The minimum block of shares we can start with is the equivalent of $150,000 (based on the sales floor price)


The maximum we can work with is 4.9% of the total shares outstanding



Please note: This program is available only to non-affiliated shareholders wishing to sell unrestricted shares. It is not available to issuers, officers, affiliates or company insiders. If you are one of the aforementioned, please forward this email to a shareholder wishing to sell shares.

Sell Your Shares Now
Sell Your Shares Now
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