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Borealis Rare Iceberg Beer


"The Secret To Perfect Beer Is Perfect Water". BOREALIS is produced exclusively from harvested icebergs off Canada's northeast coast ...


Carefully developing and refining target markets and relationships, an ongoing process for most of the last decade, we have covered a broad spectrum of the Hospitality and Retail industries. We have primarily concentrated on the Asian Region, but with growing interest in the European Union based on the spreading word of our distinct, quality product.

We have secured distributors in, and the product has sold across, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Macau and Australia. These sales account for the Bar, Club, Independent Hotel and Restaurant industries and production will be expanded as soon as increased volume capability is achieved.

A procurement agreement has been signed with Marriott Hotel Group to supply BOREALIS as a house brand across the region at its 4 and 5 Star properties (~650 hotels). This agreement comes into full effect once supply volumes can be assured to cover all properties simultaneously so they can take advantage of across-the-board promotions and activities.

We have also secured a similar MOU with the Accor Hotel Group to supply BOREALIS region-wide at its Premium properties once production volume has expanded (75-100 Hotels).

There are also corporate accounts that will buy directly from us. These are at various levels in the negotiation and selling process. These corporations have all test marketed BOREALIS and are awaiting the newly developed can format to better suit their markets. Some companies are :

Costco ( Japan & Taiwan ), CarreFour Supermarkets, Tops Markets (Thailand), City Super H.K., 7-Eleven (Hong Kong and Thailand), Star Cruise Lines.

Upon achieving full operational commercialization in this region, we will focus on Europe and N. America, pursuing the same business model as in Asia.


Borealis Rare Iceberg Beer is produced exclusively from icebergs harvested off Canada's turbulent North East Coast. These icebergs, some as old as 200,000 years, yield the purest natural source of water on Earth. Since water is the most influential ingredient of any beer, the flavor and texture of Borealis Rare Iceberg Beer is unmatched, having been refined for centuries in icy chambers, remote and revered.

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 March 2023



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