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HPT has Entered the Global Hydroelectric Generation Technology Market

Hydro Power Technologies, Inc. (HPT) has entered the global hydroelectric generation technology market, utilizing their proprietary hydraulic transient control valve system (PeltonGun) to propel Pelton Turbine driven electrical generator sets.

Small-scale prototype testing, and third party full-scale computer dynamic simulation modeling, has produced repeatable data that define the increased turbine inlet water velocity created by controlled hydraulic transient dynamics.

The data confirms that the proprietary HPT PeltonGun system creates Pelton Turbine inlet water projectile velocities that are 1.25 times greater than the velocity produced by conventional continuous flow Pelton Turbine nozzles. The power output of a Pelton Turbine increases by the square of the inlet velocity.

There is a global market for retrofitting existing Pelton Turbine hydroelectric generators with the HPT PeltonGun system, to decrease water consumption, and increase power output. New hydroelectric generation sites can utilize the HPT “PeltonGun” technology to produce more power per gallon than any other Pelton Turbine technology.

Energy storage and recovery systems (pump up storage / gravity flow turbine generation) can utilize the HPT PeltonGun technology to produce more power per gallon, and the highest available energy recovery efficiency.

Hydro Power Technologies, Inc. is continuing full scale R&D testing for the development of their pre-Engineered hydroelectric generation skid systems. This will be a modular commercial product line that can be exported globally.

Please contact David Montgomery at for more information on Hydro Power Technologies Inc.

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