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UPDATE: CeCors Inc. Amends Articles of Corporation to Prepare for Future Mergers and Acquisitions Pr

LAS VEGAS, NV, Aug. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- CeCors, Inc. (OTC:CEOS); a Company focused on the Health & Technology Sector as well as other Emerging Technologies, is pleased to update its shareholders on the following corporate amendments that have been approved so the company is best structured to move forward on its developments. “After careful collaboration with advisors we have finally structured everything internally to now move forward with our planned mergers and acquisitions,” states Robert Gardiner, CEO of CeCors Inc.

The corporate amendments as follows:

  1. Increase the number of Authorized Shares to 500,000,000

  2. Designate 11,000,000 of the Authorized Shares as Preferred Shares

  3. Designate 5,000,000 of the Preferred Shares as Series A Preferred Voting Shares, with the stated value of $2.50, giving the Series A Shares one hundred voting shares for every one Series A Share issued; and

  4. Designate 1,000,000 of the Preferred Shares as Series B Preferred Voting Shares, with the stated value of $5.00, giving the Series B Shares fifty voting shares for every one Series B Share issued; and

  5. Designate 1,000,000 of the Preferred Shares as Series C Preferred Voting Shares, and giving the Series C Shares five thousand voting shares for every one Series C Share issued.

About our President & CEO

Bob Gardiner is a seasoned professional with over 27 years’ experience in business development, operations, marketing and distribution. He has been personally responsible and involved in several start-ups in its development and ultimately the buyouts in a number of Canadian corporations. He has worked in alliance with a major Investment bank to access and evaluate potential acquisitions for clients. Bob has also worked with Danone Group ( A multinational corporation listed on Euronext Paris and a component of the CAC 40 stock market index ) in a management position after his Company was acquired by the Fortune Global 500 Group.

The Company is confident that through his past experience and business acumen, Bob will guide and direct the CeCors group of Companies with the similar successes he has had with his past endeavors. He understands the potential & importance that the advanced Health Care Technology and Big Data opportunities that CeCors is engaged in and how it will bring licensed Health professionals and patients together on a platform that gives patients assurance and privacy from their home or on the go from their mobile devices.

Bob also has a strong understanding of the Company's planned acquisitions and direction and expansion of its portfolio companies and how to harness and build on their value. CeCors, Inc. feels fortunate to have a leader of his stature and we welcome him to further build out on the management team.

Latest CeCors News

CeCors, Inc. Preparing Final Stages of Launching CannMedLive App

CannMedLive will be a wholly owned subsidiary of CeCors, Inc. where the sole purpose of CannMedLive is to assist medical cannabis patient candidates in being educated and obtaining their medical cannabis prescription card as a registered Health Canada medical cannabis user.

In addition to launching its interactive website at, CannMed will also be launching 2 separate Apps in both Google Play and iTunes marketplace. Link to Press Release

For more information visit:

About CeCors, Inc.

CeCors, Inc. is engaged in the acquisition and development of Emerging Technologies as well as Healthcare & Data related companies. Its focus will be on the Health & Technology Sector as well as other Emerging Technologies, primarily on the mental health market through our investment and development of our TeleMed (Telemedicine) Network connecting patients with medical professionals. Using the same network, CeCors; through CannMedLive; will also assist Medical Cannabis candidates by connecting them with physicians that will diagnose and suggest appropriate treatment.

In the Health & Data sector, CeCors will exploit Big Data's direct connection to medical advancements with its investment and development in its medical records management and portal companies. Further to this, we will be developing and utilizing Block chain technology to securely manage our big data so that it has a direct benefit to the patients that contribute their health history. As the Company expands with the addition of new management, so does the expansion and entry into new technologies.

Investor Relations:

Airam Capital, Inc.

Aldo Rotondi


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