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November 27, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada. Cecors takes pleasure in announcing that the Depository Trust Corporation (the "DTC") has approved its common stock for DWAC/FAST transfer through the Company's Transfer Agent, Continental Stock Transfer Corp. The Depository Trust Company (“DTC”) is a subsidiary of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, and manages the electronic clearing and settlement of publicly traded companies. This newly approved stock transfer capability will enable the "Cecors, Inc." shareholders to transfer their shares of "CEOS" stock electronically after buying or selling on the open market, without the extra expense and delays associated with the processing and transfer of physical stock certificates.

DTC approval should change the transactional procedure to a much faster one by eliminating the risk associated with the loss and replacement as well as the extra expense and delay associated with the processing and transfer of physical share certificates. The DWAC/FAST electronic transfer process is expeditious, and many companies approved for it may experience higher trading volumes in their stock given the additional accessibility and availability of shares for trading.

"DWAC transfer eligibility is a significant step that shapes the growth and evolution of Cecors, Inc. as a public company," stated Peter Zompa, Director. "This improvement will enable our shareholders to maintain the highest levels of efficiency, accountability and compliance standards for their trading activities in our shares through the best and most upto-date electronic securities trading platforms being used today. Not only will it save our shareholders cost and time, but it will also facilitate more trading in the open market and enable us to expand our shareholder base."

About Cecors, Inc.

CeCors, Inc.,, is engaged in the acquisition and development of Emerging Technologies as well as Healthcare & Data related companies. Its focus will be on the Health & Technology Sector as well as other Emerging Technologies, primarily on the mental health market through our investment and development of our TeleMed (Telemedicine) Network connecting patients with medical professionals. Using the same network, Cecors will also assist Medical Cannabis candidates by connecting them with physicians that will educate, diagnose and suggest appropriate treatment. See

In the Health & Data sector, Cecors will exploit Big Data's direct connection to medical treatment & advancements with its investment and the development of its medical records management and portal companies. Further to this, we will be developing and utilizing Block chain technology to securely manage our big data so that it has a direct benefit to the patients by contributing to their health history. As the Company expands with the addition of new management, there will be a simultaneous expansion and entry into new technologies. The Company and its new management will continue to provide shareholder updates as we continue to focus on development and acquisition of substantial revenue producing entities into our company.

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