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CeCors, Inc. Establishes an Inside Sales Channel for Its Medical Records & Data Business Press R

LAS VEGAS, NV, Aug. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- CeCors, Inc. (OTC PINK: CEOS), a Company focused on the Health & Technology Sector as well as other Emerging Technologies, is pleased to update its shareholders that over the last 30 days it has developed and introduced a new inside sales channel through its newly formed and dedicated Client Relations department within the RASCI organization. Its goal will be to increase its medical records data and transfer business by identifying retiring physicians that will either be closing or soon to close their practice.

Once a medical practice closes, Records Access Services Canada, Inc. (RASCI) becomes the custodian for these medical records and is then responsible for the storage, safe and efficient transfer of such records. Patients, lawyers, insurers and healthcare providers and other authorized persons or entities may then request for a digital copy of patient records through RASCI’s online patient record request portal. The closing or winding down of a medical practice is typically a stressful time for both the providers and patients where the potential records in a 30 - 40 year practice are critical and entail the practice’s legal obligation to maintain medical records. Records Access Services Canada has developed a unique program for retiring physicians and medical offices so that this time is less stressful, more efficient and compliant of legal obligations for when they have made the decision to close a practice.

Since its implementation of its new Client Relations department, RASCI has secured the custodianship of over 100,000 medical records in the month of July. RASCI’s goal is to be one of the largest databanks of medical records data in the country and to replicate its business model in the USA.

About the HIS Market

The Healthcare Information System market includes systems that aid in the collection, storage, management and transmission of patient medical records either between patients or to other healthcare provider. Healthcare information systems may also include systems that handle the data related to activities of health organizations and providers all leveraged to improve patient outcomes and continued informed research. This multi-billion-dollar market is projected to grow at a CGAR of up to 10%.

About Records Access Services Canada, Inc.

RASCi uses a HIPAA compliant platform connecting a network of requestors and providers. Our focus is on operating a secure online record sharing & delivery service for the seamless transfer of sensitive documents between patients, law firms, doctors, insurers and title companies, as well as other groups who depend on a secure and fully audited transfer of records process. We are also able to provide patients the ability to be in possession of their own medical record. RASCi is free to providers and allows requestors to reduce cost and record turnaround time resulting in more timely, better informed decisions. By utilizing this system, RASCi’s mission is to become the universal platform for third party record requests in Canada.

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About CeCors, Inc.

CeCors, Inc. is engaged in the acquisition and development of Emerging Technologies as well as Healthcare & Data related companies. Its focus will be on the Health & Technology Sector as well as other Emerging Technologies, primarily on the mental health market through our investment and development of our TeleMed (Telemedicine) Network connecting patients with medical professionals. Using the same network, CeCors; through CannMedLive; will also assist Medical Cannabis candidates by connecting them with physicians that will diagnose and suggest appropriate treatment.

In the Health & Data sector, CeCors will exploit Big Data's direct connection to medical advancements with its investment and development in its medical records management and portal companies. Further to this, we will be developing and utilizing Block chain technology to securely manage our big data so that it has a direct benefit to the patients that contribute their health history. As the Company expands with the addition of new management, so does the expansion and entry into new technologies.

Investor Relations Contact:

Airam Capital, Inc.

Aldo Rotondi


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