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HPT Announces Newly Established Alliance with The Hillcore Group

We are pleased to announce our newly established alliance with The Hillcore Group. Hillcore is now a significant shareholder and partner in Hydro Power Technologies Inc.

Hydro Power Technologies, Inc. (HPT) is incorporated in the Province of Ontario, and located in Burlington, Ontario Canada. Founded on innovation, the company is committed to developing technology solutions that enhance power generation output in hydropower applications. The technology offerings, substantially increase the velocity of water within the hydro electricity generation process. The company has developed a penstock and high speed valve system with automation control to manage and operate a hydro power generating system.

With innovation leadership in place and a scalable product line, the company is well positioned to deliver solutions for customers across the globe. Our first generation of product known as “Hammer1”, is destined to revolutionize the hydropower generation industry.

HPT is in the process of concluding it’s RTO of Credent Capital Corp. (CDT/H.V) and will be a public trading company on the TSX Venture Exchange. The company has a current pre-opening valuation of 360 million dollars CDN.

For further information on our new partner The Hillcore Group please visit their website.

To contact Hydro Power Technologies Inc. please visit our website

For further information contact Dave Montgomery COO at (289) 337-3497.

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